2016 Award Winners

Winners from left to right:  Nancy Gauvin, Hero; Colleen Lucier, Leader, Lois Wynne, Legend and Alysia Woelbern, Rising Star.

2016 Rising Star - Alysia Woelbern

Alysia Woelbern, Outreach Worker at Chimo Community Services Society in Richmond

Alysia embodies passion, empathy and innovation beyond her years. Starting as a practicum student in 2010, Alysia soon gravitated to homelessness prevention, focusing on youth transitioning out of foster care; women who experienced, or are at risk of experiencing, violence; people leaving the correctional and hospital systems; and individuals of Aboriginal descent. She is also credited with creating a Seniors Rent Bank, a program designed to help seniors on limited income who suddenly become unable to pay their rent.

2016 Hero Award - Nancy Gauvin

Nancy Gauvin, Associate Director of Employment Services at Chilliwack Society for Community Living

Nancy has spent almost two decades working in the community social services sector, having pioneered programs that focus on community inclusion and skills-building for individuals with developmental disabilities. Nancy developed the RISE program, which empowers clients who would typically be referred to a day service program by helping them obtain employment and truly be included in their communities.

2016 Leader Award - Colleen Lucier

Colleen Lucier, Executive Director of Lii Michif Otipemisiwak Family and Community Services in Kamloops

Colleen has been working with the Aboriginal community in child welfare for about 20 years. She has learned the traditional ways of the Métis People and works to ensure those traditions can be passed down to families, children and youth. She has also devoted herself to educating others about the systemic, historic and intergenerational traumas that Métis families have experienced.

2016 Legend Award - Lois Wynne

Lois Wynne, Executive Director of Sea to Sky Community Services Society in Squamish

Lois served three decades in the community social services sector and in that time, has grown her agency from five to 180 employees, $46,000 to $8 million in annual operating budget and four to 40 community programs. She is a true leader, having won various business awards, and continuing to bring in new programs that improve the lives of residents in the Sea to Sky Corridor.